Rave on Rubifresh … products that do what they say, easy to understand and beautiful to use

Most of you who know me will know that as a registered nurse and occupational therapist … as well of course a makeup artist, beauty therapist and fashion stylist … I am very conscious about using good quality, natural, mineral and organic products that are safe for all to use but that also achieve great results for all. So I thought I would share one of my greatest finds with you this week.

Rubifresh - fresh natural skincare

I first discovered Rubifresh just when they were starting out in 2012 and I always loved their philosophy of

Simply, we believe products should do what they say they will do, be easy to understand (and trust), and be beautiful to use.

Everyone knows that skin care is important but seriously it can be so daunting and confusing and time consuming. And I know many women just give up and use either soap and water or makeup wipes and a basic supermarket moisturiser, which is not the greatest solution to fresh, radiant youthful skin.  Tristan Fahey – Owner and Founder of Rubifresh has it so right when she says:

Just as fresh food is better for our health, so too are fresh, natural ingredients better for our skin’s health.

I have followed Tristan for a few year with her mission

to refocus our idea of beauty to the way nature intended…from ‘plastic perfection’ to a radiant youthfulness that comes from taking good care of our skin and our bodies, and enjoying ourselves for who we are.”

Then last year at Sydney’s International Spa and Beauty Expo I had the pleasure of meeting the elegant Tristan in person and was overwhelmed with her wealth of knowledge on fresh active ingredients and her drive to get her products known and tomaking a difference. BUT not only did I get to meet Tristan but I also got my hands on some of the Rubifresh range.  And that is when my world of skincare changed.  It changed for a number of reasons:

1. My skin care regime is so easy I can follow it everyday without skipping a day or a night.

2. I now use moisturiser daily (with combination skin closer to the oily side moisturiser use has always been a nightmare).

3. I even use a serum daily (completely unheard of with my skin)

4. My skin is radiant and blemish free everyday!

So what products of the range do I use?

Every 3 months I have a standing order through the Rubifresh Community of Angels program and at the 6 and 12 month anniversary of being on the program you receive free product to the price of 20% of your order. Plus you get FREE shipping, FREE trial of all new products, and the opportunity to be on the testing panel for the development of new products. As far as I’m concerned perfect for my needs!

This is my regular quarterly order

Rubifresh quarterly order

  • Cleansing Gel
  • Daily Facial Scrub
  • Anti-aging Moisturiser
  • Hydrating Serum

The verdict …

Due to my skin type I personally use the Cleansing Gel (pictured left back) as a light morning and night cleanser.  It is divine.  It has a light natural non-specific scent, has a very light foaming quality and leaves your skin squeaky clean! Not to mention ingredients that facilitate collagen production keeping me ever young!

MellyAngel's Rubifresh daily regime

Each morning after my light cleanse I dive right in for the Daily Facial Scrub (pictured front).  Oh my god I cannot get enough of this stuff.  Those of you who know me really well will know I have never drunk tea or coffee but this my friends, is my equivalent morning kick start.  Firstly with a base of Kaolin (pink clay) its a great way to scare your partner first thing in the morning as well. But on a serious note unlike other facial scrubs its not designed to strip away all the essential moisture and oils from the skin and contains over 90% organic ingredients. the mint in it Is the zing part in my morning!

After the Daily Facial Scrub come the Hydrating serum (pictured back middle) and Anti-aging moisturiser (pictured back right).  I go with the serum first, although to be honest I’m not sure if there is supposed to be an order – this works for me though. But these two products amaze me! With my skin type I have tended to steer clear of anything hydrating and moisturising as it seems to just turn my face into an oily mess. Not these. I use three pumps of each in the morning only. The serum smooths on beautifully and instantly feels like it plumps and smooths the skin without leaving an oily residue.  The moisturiser does feel a little thicker than I would normally even consider but after the serum the skin seems open and absorbs the moisturiser sensationally.  Both of these leave my skin feeling smooth and vibrant making my makeup application an absolute breeze. Not to mention the ingredients in the moisturiser offering SPF benefits.

I have been using the Rubifresh range solidly for a little under a month now and normally by this amount of time of using various products my skin would react or grow use to the product and it would no longer work as well. I would also normally experience breakouts or a large increase in oil. Not these I continue to see wonderful benefits and my skin has never felt better!

I now also share these wonderful products with my clients and am seeing great results for them also.  If you would like to try Rubifresh for yourself book me for a facial. If you opt to have a luxurious facial with your wedding makeup trial not only will you get to experience Rubifresh for yourself but it will only cost you a $note donation of your choice, 100% of which will go to the Look Good …Feel Better Organisation supporting women with cancer.

Hope you found this helpful and looking forward to hearing from you and your thoughts on Rubifresh when you try it.

Have you tried Rubifresh products?  What was your experience?

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